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The post concerns with farmer stress as value of farm produce is way behind all other articles of material use. Maintaining agriculture an economic activity, the post suggests ways how to do same.Farmer is advised to diversify, be knowledgeable, profit oriented,

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“Agriculture exists first to feed people and has done so for thousands of years, and it will have to continue doing the same for hopefully many more.” FAO Each second, the world’s population grows by nearly three more people, that

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Interested in WHEAT Farming ? Some Introduction to WHEAT Wheat is a staple cereal for a large population worldwide. It is difficult to believe of human sustenance without wheat. Wikipedia records that Wheat is grown on more land area than

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Farming Tools, Implements And Equipment

Must Have List of Farming Tools, Implements And Equipment Farmer needs to undertake a number of activities on a routine basis. The activities take a troll on the time and money of the farmer. Fortunately as mankind has evolved,  more

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onion farming

ONION farming and uses Some introduction to onion Onion belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae with botanical name Allium cepa. Onion is thought to be originated in Pakistan. It is now grown almost world wide North America, Japan, Spain, Netherland, Canada,

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OKRA Farming

Okra farming

OKRA farming and uses Some introduction to Okra Okra or okro, known in many English-speaking countries as Ladies’ Fingers or ochro, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. In India it is called bhendi. It is valued for its

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Crops and Vegetables Sowing Planting Calender

INDICATIVE SOWING/PLANTING CALENDER FOR SOME CROPS AND VEGETABLES Sowing and Planting Decision Sowing and Planting decision is the most essential activity by a farmer. This activity comprises of following, amongst others: assessment of the market requirements, assessment of the expected

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Polyhouse Saline Soil – prevention and cure

Polyhouse Saline Soil – prevention and cure Many polyhouse/greenhouse growers see Saline soil problem. White grayish powder deposit on the sides of the beds and even on top of the soil is usual first visual manifestation of this. Indication of

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Modern Technology Boosts Agriculture Farming

Modern Technology like bio-technology, nano-technology, drip systems, protected cropping, smart phone apps are harbingers of greater sustained production. Agricultural practices for effective management all available resources, bio-fertilizers etc. delay climate change and global warming.

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Agriculture Practices Mitigate Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change study shows earth temperature is increasing with consequential unpredictable weather. The climate change affects food production directly impinges on hunger and poverty in world. Agriculture practices can mitigate and slow down climate

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Why Go For Organic Fertilisers

Organic Fertilizers means fertilizers made from living beings. Chemically speaking their molecules have carbon and hydrogen. Organic Fertilizers are made from composting of the remains of living beings be it leaves fallen from trees, shrubs, grasses, roots of pulses, fish, sea grass, dung of animals.

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Organic Pesticides as aid to Pest Management

Pests and Pest Management are big issues in the farming activity. Use of Organic Pesticides is a great force multiplier in fighting pests in natural ways. Organic Pesticides are also one of a step in adapting the Integrated Pest Management. Farmers all over the world have any number of homemade organic pesticides formulations. And that is why using organic pesticides is so practical and profitable. Organic pesticides can be made with locally available vegetables, roots, soil and other ingredients. Organic Pesticides unlike inorganic pesticides do not cause toxic run off into the soil and no water pollution occurs. Application of organic pesticides under IPM program significantly reduces need for inorganic pesticides.

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Concept of Integrated Pest Management

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT is a strategic management practice which is designed developed and managed by the FARMER himself to contain, reduce and eradicate the pests which reduce the economic value of his produce. Integrated Pest Management keeps eco system balanced and uses a mix of cultural, biological and chemical methods to fight any pest menace to the crop.

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How to choose a Pump Motor for Irrigation

How to choose pump motor for your irrigation need is discussed in this post. any pump is described by its flow characteristics and its head pressure. the flow and pressure head needs to be calculated and the values need to be put in manufacturer’s pump curves to choose the best pump which will also be cost economic.

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Importance Of Soil Testing OR How To Save on Unnecessary Fertilization

Every crop or plant require different nutrients and in different quantities at different stages of its life cycle. The farmer needs to take decision on this after carefully carrying out a thoughtful exercise. The soil and water itself have nutrients available and therefore it is cost economic first to have proper soil and water testing done, analyzed and evaluated, and, then only make only the required addition of fertilizers to bring up total content of nutrient up to mark for the particular crop or plant. It is very important to have proper soil and water analysis done.

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Are You Inviting Pests and Virus in your farm?

To have a fencing around your farm or not is the question. Fencing can be through barbed wires on pillars, planting ring of trees, or plain posts. barbed wires on posts require a lot of maintenance otherwise they look ungainly and also are causes of injuries and accidents. Trees fencing has several draw backs – it stops sun shine, roots extend all around, impedes growth under its shade, and is home to many worms, pests and virus . Posts planted at regular intervals provide required demarcation and allow full utilization of land end to end for farming. Fencing only for keeping animals inside or for security purposes.

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Easy Detect If You Are Giving Less or More of Nutrients

Fertigation Management of soil and water is highly important. Normally this is done through soil and water analysis which is likely to take some time. A quicker visual method is discussed for monitoring plants for an early assessment if you are giving more or less of fertilizers. Afterwards more precise methods may be carried out to regain fertilizer balance. Discussed in this post are the nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Iron (Fe).

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Easy Calculate Amount of Fertilizer for a Given Volume

Calculation of actual requirement of fertilizer in easy and timely is important. The exact amounts of N, P and K to be provided in the life cycle of a plant are different and thus need to be calculated differently. This blog presents a simple method to calculate the amount of fertilizers through equation A = X / P x K to get the required PPM value of N,P and K for the fertigation solution.

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Do Farmers Need a Big Push from their Governments

This is my first blog on my site. It is appropriate that it is devoted to farmers worldwide. Farmers who toil hard facing the nature in all its colors from being friendly to adversary, fighting the odds of infestation by

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Control E.C. and pH of Your Soil and Water

To know the E.C. and pH of your field soil and irrigation water, and to control that E.C. and pH, is the cornerstone to increase in agricultural and related products productivity. Experts advise in a general way  to give so

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