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“Agriculture exists first to feed people and has done so for thousands of years, and it will have to continue doing the same for hopefully many more.” FAO Each second, the world’s population grows by nearly three more people, that

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Polyhouse Saline Soil – prevention and cure

Polyhouse Saline Soil – prevention and cure Many polyhouse/greenhouse growers see Saline soil problem. White grayish powder deposit on the sides of the beds and even on top of the soil is usual first visual manifestation of this. Indication of

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Modern Technology Boosts Agriculture Farming

Modern Technology like bio-technology, nano-technology, drip systems, protected cropping, smart phone apps are harbingers of greater sustained production. Agricultural practices for effective management all available resources, bio-fertilizers etc. delay climate change and global warming.

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Agriculture Practices Mitigate Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change study shows earth temperature is increasing with consequential unpredictable weather. The climate change affects food production directly impinges on hunger and poverty in world. Agriculture practices can mitigate and slow down climate

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Are Robotic Devices the future for increasing Farm Productivity

By 2050 agricultural production will have to rise by 70% to meet projected demand for food. Since most land suitable for farming is already farmed, this growth must come from higher yields and better farm management. Robotics would need to be adopted in all aspects of farming like in autonomous tractors, autonomous seeding, drone surveillance, satellite imagery for fertigation schemes etc.

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